Woman Left Terrified After Finding That Her Mom Paid Her Fiancé To Date Her

A woman revealed how infuriated she felt after she came to know that her mom paid her fiancé to date her. She used an anonymous name to share her response on Buzzfeed as they asked the users to tell the reason behind cancelling their wedding.

The woman wrote that she had dated her boyfriend for only about two months when he proposed her. She said that it was all so fast and she was head over heels in love, so she said yes. She explained that she was very excited and they started planning for their reception right off.

The woman described that she felt a little suspicious when her parents offered to pay for literally everything. Firstly, her mother bought a very stunning and expensive dress for her. The woman’s parents even offered to pay the charges for the whole day.

The woman said that she always asked her fiancé why his parents were not paying. But her parents would interrupt to say that they emphasized on paying the bill. While he claimed that his parents were not rich.

However, when the woman saw that her fiancé had bought a very costly ring, things were not able to settle in her mind. So, to know the real price of the ring, she went to the shop from where her fiancé had bought it. When she showed the ring to the assistant, he immediately recalled who had bought it.

The woman stated that she got to know that her fiancé had not bought the ring. But it was her mother who had bought it, that too a month before they had started dating.

The woman then approached her parents and had a one-on-one conversation with them about this. Her mother confessed that she met him through a friend of hers. She had bribed him to go on a date with her daughter to a lavish restaurant. She had paid him for all their dates.

The woman’s mother was so eager to get her daughter married that she was ready to pay for their wedding also. And her fiancé was just in it for the money.

After calling off the wedding, the woman came out as bisexual. She felt that her family would not accept her sexuality. Lastly, the woman admitted that she married a wonderful woman and was not on talking terms with her mother.