Woman Married Her Soul Mate One Day Before He Died

A woman named Maia Falwasser married her partner Navar Herbert who was suffering from a precarious brain tumor. To everybody’s dismay, her husband died the next day after their wedding. She raised funds to take his body back to his home-Otorohanga (New Zealand) where he wished to lay to rest.

Death has its beauty. It is the unavoidable truth of life. Some have the power to face it whereas others just lose out on it. A woman named Maia Falwasser was strong enough to bear the truth of her partner’s short life.

Navar was everything to Maia. She wanted to live every moment of her life with him. But her dreams got shattered when she came to know about the life-threatening medical situation that shackled Navar. He was diagnosed with a brain tumor. The tumor evolved in his brain only a few months ago. But it spread like a fire and vitiated his mental health.

Eventually, he started losing out his senses and strength. Maia was not alone to witness his scary situation that was deteriorating day by day. Their 11-month-old son named Kyrie too saw their struggle. The rugby player toiled hard to combat the situation.

Maia wanted to go for it and tie herself with him forever. So she ended up deciding to marry Navar before it was too late.

Their family and friends joined hands to make it a memorable moment for the couple. They arranged for the things and the wedding day came up. Navar’s family braced him up for his D-day. They brought him in to the wedding venue on his wheelchair. After reaching there, they made him sit in an armchair. Maia walked downed aisle in her bright wedding dress.

Navar could not hold himself back and greeted her and his baby. He expressed his love for the two. The spectators tried hard to pull back their tears. After that, the couple exchanged vows and accepted each other their soul mates. The moments gave tears of joy to the people around them.

Then a group men came up to perform a haka to the couple. They congratulated the couple on achieving the milestone. The vibrant celebration came to an end with Navar leaving the world the next day. The 22-year-old departed soul wanted to lay to rest in his hometown-Otorohanga (New Zealand). So Maia started a GoFundMe page to raise funds for that.

She shared the bad news and wrote that her heart was heavy and sad. She had lost her best friend, husband and the father to their son. Adding to that, she wrote that she felt absolutely in love by friends and family, that was a hard time. However, she did find her strength and refuge in everybody’s support. His rugby club-Nerang Bulls Rugby Union Club too came up to help Maia in her pursuit.

Hopefully, Maia would have succeeded in fulfilling the last desire of her love. His soul will continue to live in the prayers of his loved ones.