Woman Missing For 2 Years Found Alive By Fishermen

She was found by Roland Visbal while he was floating 1.2 miles off Puerto Colombia. In the video clip taken by Visbal, his friend Gustavo was seen steering their boat towards the unconscious woman. To tell the truth, at first they misinterpreted her as a piece of driftwood until she lifted her hands to signal for help.

The brave pair was heard in the video trying to get the doused woman’s attention by calling out in both Spanish and English. Sadly, Gaitan was not able to answer them. Her reports told that she experienced exhaustion and hypothermia, having been unmoored for eight hours.

Both the rescuers were finally able to get back the castaway from the water using a rope attached to the life preserver they had thrown to her. The survivor’s first word after she was saved was that she was born again. The god did not want her to die.

Later when they tried to talk to her and offer her water, she completely broke down. She started crying uncontrollably on camera; maybe because she couldn’t take the trauma she went through anymore.

Luckily, the fearless fishermen managed to bring the woman to the shore. The locals there were kind enough to accompany her to the hospital. Later when Gaitan was recognized, her torturous back-story came out in the open. She told that she has lost all contact with her family two years ago, and they had no clue about where she was until now.

She told in an interview that this frightening mess was the climax of 20 years of domestic abuse which she went through at the hands of her partner. She said that this began from the time she was pregnant. Her husband used to beat and violently abuse her. This heinous act continued even during her second pregnancy. But she couldn’t get away from him because the girls were small.

In spite of Gaitan filing a complaint about this to the police, they only held the abuser for 24 hours, after which he could return home and continue doing what he did without any fear. The turning point came when in September 2018, according to Gaitan, her husband broke her face and tried to kill her. Unable to put up with her husband any longer, the shattered woman ran away and ended up staying in Barranquilla for six months. She tried to take help at a homeless shelter but failed. This led to her falling into a deep depression.

She did not feel like living anymore so she took a bus to the beach and decided to take her life by drowning in the sea. She had a blurry sight of what happened after that as she was not in consciousness.

The police are still looking into this whole matter regarding her disappearance and rescue. Local media have since found Gaitan’s daughter, Alejandra Castiblanco, who along with her sister is raising money to move Gaitan to their home in Bogotá.