Woman Raised £1,800 On GoFundMe After Being Called Fat By Tinder Date

A man fat shamed a woman and his point of view towards women resulted in having a gratuity of £2,000 (2,501) by GoFundMe. A woman in Leichesshire raised so much grants just because she had the courage to stand against the person who insulted her.

Jade Savage, from Syston, Leichesshire, was doing right by her name when she raised a fund of £1,800 after a tinder date called her fat. She appealed for the money because she wanted to get back her ticket cost which she spent on the train journey to meet her tinder date (£93).

When she appealed for this money, she was not sure that people would respond. But then, she raised a fund of around £900 (1,100) and she was quite overwhelmed. After the donation of GoFundMe, one more dating app decided to donate around £1,800 (2,200) to match that figure. After getting so much money, Jade decided to give some parts of her grants to women’s shelter and suicide prevention charity.

Jade had dated that man thrice before that evening. They decided to take a break when the man wanted to explore more women. He wanted to experience more dates before getting serious with anyone.

But when he asked her out again, Jade had already gained six pounds till then. When he opened the car door for her, his immediate reaction was that Jade has gained weight. At first, it all started as a joke but when he continuously said the same thing, she couldn’t tolerate it anymore and left.

He offered to pay the train ticket cost but her female ego couldn’t accept that. No matter what all he said, he was not capable of breaking her confidence. She is an independent woman and proud of her body. This incident as well as his point of view are completely irrelevant for her. According to her, every person has its own opinion and if we get started getting affected by everybody’s opinion then we will end up hurting ourselves. And no one deserves that.

That man apologized for his behavior and told her about that day which was not going so well. But once Jade is done then she is done. She was not ready to tolerate any kind of insult no matter whatever the reason is.

She has a son. She is independent and doesn’t need a man in order to be happy. There are other values of keeping a man in life but that doesn’t mean women can’t live without them. There is a big line of difference between wanting and needing a man in life.

She is happy and she will go for as many dates as she can. Does she have more dates in line? Obviously, she does. Three in total!! She will obviously not stop going on dates just because someone called her fat.