Woman Says Being A Mother Doesn’t Mean She Likes Kids

An unnamed mum of a single daughter shared her dislike for others’ kids on Reddit. She explained her point by stating various things such as being a mom cannot make you a child lover. When she posted her opinion on Reddit, her post received quite a number of comments.

She presented the reality of a mother’s life by siting an example of her own situation. She stated that initially a person is eager to have one’s own kids as everyone find them adorable. In addition, the pet reaction “aww” whenever a person cross paths with a child instills the wish to have children inside a woman.

However, as she further added that once you have your own children, everything changes. She continued her point by explaining that how in her case her feelings about children changed after she gave birth to her own daughter. She stated, “Just because I’m a mom doesn’t mean I like kids”. She expressed her dislike for other’s kids but loves her daughter. Moving on, she added that she did not want to see 20 pictures of any other kid.

After this, her post went viral on Reddit’s Breaking Mom Forum. It even sparked an interesting conversation online among other moms. She even commented that she has least interest in watching kids having play dates other than that of her daughter’s. She justified her opinion by a casual reason by stating that “I quite frankly don’t like your kids and I don’t have to”.

Just because I’m a mom doesn’t mean I like kids. from breakingmom

Furthermore, she expressed her non-transformation to a child loving saint even after becoming a mom. She has an immense love for her daughter but not for other kids. In response to her statements, one of the users expressed the twist of her life that pregnancy leaded her becoming more resistant to kids. Moreover, she told that before her pregnancy she was super indulging with kids and used to undertake various activities such as baby sitting, buying stuff for kids, camp counselling and so on. However, the scenario changed after her own pregnancy.

Some other spectator presented her vision of other’s kids as walking boogers and also called them gross. An another user confessed how she had a regret after one of her child’s play dates and how she stopped having such child gatherings at her place due to the mess children create. A pregnant mum-to-be replied on her post that she finally understood the whole thing about having kids and the natural dislike for other’s.

She totally agreed with the unnamed mother’s views but not everyone agreed.