Woman Shared Message From Stranger Who Saw Her Crying

Like it or not, the present world is full of sorrows all around. Especially the 'never known before' crisis has made every deracination to proliferate in the worst way possible. Also, the stuff you hear about concerns you more. But there are always some people to give you a hand in need. Because sometimes, we tend to lose hope and need someone's help to keep our head up.

Lubey-Lu shared the story of a woman’s heartwarming gesture. Like others, she had the day when every unexpected thing seemed to come in her way. While she was feeling down, she decided to go out for a walk and to cry her heart out. On the way, a woman driving by in her car saw Lubey-Lu upset. Although they didn’t know each other, she came up and sat with Lubey.

The stranger, Pippa, sat there for 20 minutes, after which they both headed their ways. Prior to bidding goodbye, she asked her hapless friend to the text as soon as she reaches home to ensure her safety. Lubey-Lu shared this story on Twitter, saying: “There is still some genuinely nice people out there.” Besides, Pippa could just overlook what happened at that moment, but she took the time to address a stranger. When Lubey-Lu texted her that she had reached home safely, Pippa informed that she couldn’t stop thinking about her and also thanked for reverting back.

Moreover, she also asked her new friend to find some time for self-care, saying: ‘Enjoy your glass of red’, and welcomed the upset stranger if she ever wanted to share her thoughts, feelings or even wanted a shoulder to rely on during the difficult times. She wrote: “Us girls have to stick together and look after each other… Strangers or not! Just stay strong.. You’ve got this.”

The post got inundated with several likes and comments that genuinely appreciated Pippa’s friendly gesture. A woman said: “This absolutely made my day”. Also, another person commented: “I honestly had a tear in my eye reading it that’s why I retweeted. We need more people like this in the world.” We all have the propensity to ignore a stranger on our way, irrespective of considering what they might be going through.

At the moment when we feel broken, all we need is someone’s support to make our way through the difficulty. Besides, in the scenario of despondency, a mere interaction can make someone’s day cheerful. Someone would always be grateful for your hospitality.