Woman Shuts Down Cheating Husband’s Advances On Facebook

If we were to ask you what is the foremost quality you look for within a person you intend to date or spend your life with? The answer would be 'love' in not less than 75% of the cases. Of course, love has to be the priority but there is this one thing that love brings along as a guarantee, and that is honesty.

If you think it at a deeper level, then we realize how important it is for our better halves to be faithful. In fact, for most of us, this very trait in a partner is a must and precious prerequisite of a relationship that acts as the building block of it. More particularly in a world full of dishonest people and breaking ties, we tend to look for someone stable. And while most of us crave the honesty of our beloved some people feel it is fine to cheat and disrespect the boundaries of a partnership.

According to a story submitted by a woman on Bored Panda, she was happily having a healthy conversation with this man, who then decided to try his luck. The conversation began with the usual ‘hi’ and ‘hellos’ then began a series of compliments and finally, the man crossed his perimeter. Ignoring the fact that he was married and had kids, he began persuading the woman to have an extramarital affair with him. Even on being told multiple times, he did not give up and kept urging her to meet him for a date.


The woman who happened to be a mother in happy wedlock decided to teach him a heartwarming yet a strict lesson. She knew that a breaking set of parents affects the child the most and used this very logic to talk sense into this guy’s head.

Being a protective mother, she never mustered enough courage to tell her kids that she had been diagnosed with cancer the previous year. It was her husband who had to do this tough task of disclosing her condition to their kids and also that the survival chances were pretty slim. He also accompanied her for the various tests, operations, surgeries and therapies that she had to go through.


Her life partner walked this journey of pain along with her with utmost sincerity. Through all of this time, it was only one song that she could think of “Love is watching someone die”. She questioned the man who is going to watch him die? Who would know the fate and yet stand next to him helplessly witnessing life slowly going out? Who would take so much of trauma?

With this, she requested the man to mend his ways and his relationship. And this indeed was a very heart touching moral for all of us.