Woman Spends $25K And Almost Dies To Look Like A Barbie Doll

Desires of a human being are never-ending. They are stimulated by the environment in which one grows. Some long to become millionaires whereas others desire to land upon the moon. But they are not so insipid with everyone. The world was taken aback when a news piece of a woman trying to look like Barbie doll surfaced. She had spent around $25000 and even had a close encounter with death during her intrepid spree.

Just like any other girl of her age, Amanda Aloha too dreamed to be a Barbie doll. But she was a bit different from her counterparts. She wanted to transform her dream into reality. At the age of 16, she started laying down the full plan of her body transformation. Not just that, she even calculated the cost and means to finance her pursuit. Working hard day and night to earn her dream, she underwent her first surgery at the age of 18. It was an augmentation surgery for her chest.

Then her list of surgeries got ticked at a faster rate. Multiple cosmetic procedures like a nose job, lip filer, Botox injections, etc. were undergone along with three separate chest enlargements. Shelling out around $25000 of her pocket on these makeover techniques, Amanda was not ready to halt her juggernaut of ambitions. The bill of her last surgery was foot by an older admirer.


Her last surgery spree imperiled her life and she was swinging on the edge of death. She suffered a complete seizure and swelling in her brain. But she was not the one whose quest could be deterred by the fear of death. Her family who had been supportive till then grew tensed about her fanatic ambition. Her decision to go under the knife once again had added to their ever-growing besets. They agreed to the fact that she needed to see a psychiatrist but they could not certainly coerce her in this regard.

But on the other hand, the Finland resident was all charged to upturn her next stone. She shared with excitement that her number one ambition was looking plastic, as plastic as she could. She meant that Barbie was really close to perfection. She also added that when people called her fake or Barbie, it made her really happy. So she could not see any end to her quest. Her mental illness had been growing. But the 21-year-old was not just ready to take a break.

People are often grabbed by the queer fever of ambitions. They are ready to go to any length to pursue their desires. In their chase, they often leave their life and loved ones behind. No doubt, dreams are foundations of a successful life. But one should carefully analyze the pros and cons attached to it before embarking on it. Our one ill-thought move could lead us into the whirl of perils where resurrection may not be possible.