Woman Suffers Severe Injuries After Her Boyfriend Abuses Her Physically For Days, She Finally Gathers Courage To Speak Up

Love and obsession are two very different things. When you love someone, you grow together but obsession can make you do things that are hurtful and wrong in a lot of ways. We don’t own anyone, so, we have no right to hit or abuse any person. It is a criminal offense and it doesn’t seem to be common knowledge yet.

A relationship has two people and there is no reason for one person to make all the compromises. If there are certain things that require attention in that phase, then both people have an equal contribution in making things right. It works that way and there is no alternative to that.

Resorting to domestic violence to get some answers and deal with your frustration is absolutely unacceptable!

Hazel shares her story and reveals how she was in this horrible space for a long time. After daily struggles, she finally gathered the courage to dial the number that would rescue her from this terrifying abuse she was living in.

The blood wasn’t stopping anytime soon from all the injuries that her boyfriend had given her. She was trembling and her shaky voice kept asking for help. The call was made after she was hit ruthlessly by her boyfriend, Jason Charles and this inhuman act involved an attack on her head with boots that were steel toe-capped.

We wonder if this was even an “act” by a human being!

We can’t even imagine the extent of this abuse and the consequences of this violence were all borne by Hazel.

She needed immediate medical attention as her injuries were very serious including a broken jaw. She was taken to the hospital after she made the emergency call and we are glad she did!

Hazel’s partner, Jason, was abusing her as he had “doubts” regarding infidelity and could not have her cheating on him. Those baseless “doubts” ruined her life and how!

Hazel regrets not being vocal about being in this situation at an early stage and it was because she was 45 and was not confident if she would be able to have a new love in her life. But she has now realized that it was the worst decision and wants every woman to not lose confidence at any point in their lives and raise voice against such cruel acts.

Having endured such tough times, she knows the heart-breaking consequences of not giving voice to your pain. The wounds might heal but the heart can never beat the same again!

Jason Charles, the heartless person behind all this has been arrested and the law was the only hope for Hazel. Initially, the fight was challenging but Hazel received justice as he was ordered prison time of 27 months after being convicted of ABH. If the good deeds are rewarded, then the bad deeds definitely make you pay.

Hazel is an inspiration for many other women who might be confined in the four walls of their house and unable to seek help while being abused by their partners. There is no going back from crime, mental and physical abuse are surely a part of this statement. We hope this becomes common knowledge really soon.