Woman Turned Her And Daughter-In-Law’s Pregnancy Into A Competition

The MIL is a young lady who wedded this woman’s father-in-law. Lately the family came to know that she is also pregnant. This wouldn’t have been the issue if she hadn’t started this unnecessary competition with her daughter in law (DIL). She started to find ways to steal her thunder. She even organized the baby shower the same day her DIL was having one.

The unnamed woman described that from the time her father in law got married to his new spouse almost 4 years ago, she and her partner have tried to neglect the reality that his new wife is even younger than they are.

The mother told that their pregnancy was not planned, but they were anyway happy about it. They announced the news to everyone in person and decided not to do any cheesy gifts or anything. But it came out as a shock when instead on congratulating them, her FIL surprised them with the same news about his wife.

From that day her in laws have left no stone unturned to make their pregnancy superior to theirs. This was not something she wanted to engage in.


For instance, one can get a standard ultrasound or one of those 4D ones. She uploaded her standard one on Instagram and just after 4 minutes her MIL posts hers in 4D and also tagged her just to compete with her. She captioned it, ‘This is more expensive, but so worth it to see the little one in detail! I recommend to get this one the next time.’

This was not it. Just to continue the ongoing war, her MIL, even after knowing the date of her DIL’S baby shower, organized hers on that day itself. She further told that her MIL had made it a full Facebook event. Her FIL is extremely wealthy and so they had a band, fancy virgin cocktails with a barista etc.

She continued telling through posts that her husband wants to abandon the baby shower. He is resentful because he is somewhere jealous that his father is more active in this second child’s birth than what he was with his.


Rather than enjoying the parenthood, her husband is always furious at his father. This hurts her so much that she is not even able to enjoy her pregnancy. She just needed some support to go through this whole pregnancy thing.

Some people advised the poster that is doesn’t put an end to this now, she and her MIL will always be in rivalry. One person also made a remark that if she thinks this will stop after the baby is born. My baby is bigger! My baby is crawling already!’ My baby can already say 10 words and is only 2 months old!’ This might go on forever. One also suggested blocking his dad and his wife on social media. They received numerous solutions.

The mother finally chose what she felt was right. She blocked her MIL. But it won’t change how badly her husband was affected by this. She believes that the best thing for them is to concentrate on their baby.