Woman Won £1M Lottery After She Beat Cancer

The shoots of bliss go in full bloom when the angle of luck smiles over one’s life. Souls wait for such moments eagerly to live their dream day. But only a few are lucky to have them in their life. One of them is a 55-year-old woman named Lynne Price and her husband named David who witnessed their rough life running into happy one.

When Lynne discovered the fact that she was grappling with breast cancer in 2015, she saw the darkest phase of her life. The mother of three might have taken days to recover from that shock. To her delight, she had her husband named David (53) by her side. The couple faced the torrent bravely while Lynne got on the board to get the treatment. Their courage put them together.

When years of struggle came to an end, life started to shine the brightest for the couple. One day, the woman from South Wales was resting at her home in New Tredegar. She went ahead to read the content of the letter enclosing her scan reports. As she went on reading it, her nerves started to get the much-awaited relief. The letter brought out the fact that she had fought her cancer off.

She was still trying to catch her happiness when David ran through the door with excitement. He burst out with joy that they had won £1 m on the EuroMillions lottery. That news made Lynne go into hysterics. Taking on that part, she said, “I can’t tell you what I said, it’s too rude, but I was in total shock. I was shaking and totally lost for words which never happens. I went and had a bath for two hours and just lay there trying to take it all in”.

Shedding light on his happy moments, he shared, “I went home to tell Lynne but she had some big news of her own. The letter saying she had the all clear is worth more than a million to me”.

Well, it was not the first dose of a lucky win in their family. One in their fraternity named Ade Goodchild had hit the jackpot and won £71 m. Not just Ade but David’s sister named Judith also made her lucky mark when her syndicate won the lottery in 1990s.

So David got ‘Lucky Dai’ as his nickname from his British Airways colleagues. Taking on that part, he shared, “It [his nickname] was always a bit of a joke, but now it’s really come true. I still can’t quite believe it”. Adding to that, he said, “We’ve been doing the lottery since it started – you put your money on but you don’t really expect to win a million”.

The couple then planned to enjoy their moment by going for a big holiday. Not just that but a trip to Everest base for David also featured on their holiday bucket list. After their holiday plans, the couple would look at the fate of the prize money.

Loads of congratulations to them for their sparkling start!