Women Donated Hair To Ensure A Cancer Patient Gets A Custom-Made Wig

Cancer is a terrible disease, not only one has to undergo heavy medication treatments but the patients have to undergo physical changes as well, such as losing weight, hair, etc. Women came forward and donated their hair so that they could make a custom wig out of them for their friend who has cancer.

Dana McSwain was diagnosed with cancer stage 2 during the global pandemic caused by a coronavirus. She is 36-year-old and is undergoing chemotherapy to treat her cancer. She has breast cancer that has spread to her lymph nodes. Other than that, she also has BRCA2 gene mutation that means she has an increased risk of catching other types of cancer. The Charlotte, North Carolina, mom was shocked to hear that she has cancer because there is no family history of cancer in her family.

Soon after Dana began her chemotherapy sessions after the diagnosis of cancer she began seeing the changes in her body. She felt week, nauseous and her hair came out in handfuls. She tried looking for the perfect wig for her but she did not have any luck finding the right wig for herself. All the wigs that she saw were either too expensive or were just not her style.

In an interview Dana said, “Finding a wig is an extremely hard process, especially not knowing where to begin because this has not been anything that I ever thought that I’d go through. Every wig I put on I couldn’t get it off fast enough. I thought, ‘This is not me. This doesn’t work.’” Dana was frustrated with all the chemotherapy sessions and all that she had on her plate and on top of that, there was the wig hunting.

Frustrated on not being able to find the right wig she took it to Facebook as the last resort. She shared her story on Facebook hoping that someone might be able to guide her and help her out in finding the right wig for her and within her budget. Her daughter’s friend mother Carol Daley Cook saw the post online on Facebook and decided to help her out. Carol Daley Cook’s and Dana’s daughter goes to the same school.

Not only Carol Daley Cook donated her hair to make a wig for Dana but also recruited hair donations from five of McSwain’s friends and one 7-year-old girl. With all the help she could get for Dana, Carol Daley Cook ensured that she gets Dana a custom-made wig that will suit her style and personality. She created a custom-made halo wig for Dana and personally dropped off the wig at her place.

Carol Daley Cook also recorded the heartwarming moment of Dana opening her gift and later shared it on YouTube with Dana’s permission. Dana shared with WNC that “Just putting this on and looking in the camera I just feel this overwhelming sense of like ‘me’. Just knowing that each strand is special from somebody in my life and it’s something that I will have forever.” People were motivated by this kind gesture and Dana could not thank enough her friends.