Women Get Bored Of Monogamy Sooner Than Men, Social Researcher Says, Sex-Robots Will Reduce Cheating Sagas

For how long does love last between two people? There is no specific answer to that as it will last for as long you let it evolve, it can be a few weeks to a lifetime! People won’t stop researching about love and the latest one for British women has stated that they are more likely to be cheating on their partners.

Dr. Wednesday Martin has explained a lot about cheating in relationships in her book Untrue. She takes on a different perspective on relationships and has blended facts and science appropriately to support her thoughts.

The beliefs about cheating and relationships are on the same track for a long time now and they are usually inclined towards men being the ones who get bored in one relationship. But Dr. Wednesday has a completely opposite take on this and has backed her beliefs with science. According to her research, women are the ones who step into boredom in a relationship much before men do.

These facts might seem weird to you at first glance but they will make sense when you go through certain instances and reasoning for this. When in a relationship with one partner or what we call monogamy, women seem to lose interest probably after 1 to 3 years of that particular relationship and that’s obviously much sooner than men getting bored.

Dr. Wednesday even explains how female desire can be reignited with a sex-robot or if they get together with a new partner.

She further adds the contribution of this fast-paced world and technology in the rising cases of women being drawn to infidelity due to the easily accessible hook-up apps. These robots are one way that can make women fulfill their desires that they seem to not do with their long-term partners. Dr. Wednesday emphasizes this and terms it as a “positive” act in a relationship. But we wonder how feasible this is!

Another result that this social researcher proved with a survey was that in a long-distance monogamous relationship, this “boredom in women” was not observed leading us to the point that it is domestication that plays a major role in this whole situation. What you might have thought about men turns out to be true for women!

Talking about British women, in particular, they do cheat more than men when in “love”. One reason that Dr. Wednesday gave for this was the presence of females in the powerful areas. This is of course, great but it does influence women who look up to these strong women in power in a way that can be a little unsought!

Relationships need time and effort for them to be successful. One hack for making them last longer is having a conversation with your partners. It works, trust us!