Your Favorite TV Show “Friends” Is A Cure For Anxiety, Psychologist Reveals Its Healing Power

We all are guilty of binge-watching shows while consuming some calories in the comfort of our homes. The most popular show which is on everyone’s list is “Friends”. There is good news for all the fans as the TV show has been picked up as the one helping people with anxiety to calm themselves.

The impact of the TV show “Friends” is known to all! We can’t stop re-watching the episodes as it gives us a sense of freedom when we feel trapped and stuck in our lives.

The dialogues never get old! Joey’s love for food and Chandler’s jokes take us on a happy ride.

We all can relate to the characters who are in their 20s and figuring things out. That’s how we all are, right?

Marc Hekster, a clinical psychologist, has recently concluded that the depiction of the show and what the characters portray can be highly beneficial for the people with anxiety.

He emphasized on the fact that the viewers can relate to the show on many levels and that’s what helps in dealing with anxiety issues. He also included “The Big Bang Theory” here as another show with positive and healing effects.

According to Marc Hekster, “[Watching Friends] is about an experience of repair, of watching the characters in the show repeatedly having worries, which then get repaired and soothed, usually in the context of other relationships in their lives.”

Anxiety is an enemy of optimistic thinking. A person with anxiety tends to have a “different” outlook towards life and that perception can lead to creating worse scenarios in the mind. It is essential to get rid of those thoughts and watching “Friends” acts as a helping hand here!

People don’t want things to be piled up in the back of their head as it makes them more and more anxious and paves way for stress which is definitely undesirable.

So, this TV show comes to the rescue and Mr. Hekster says, “It is pure escapism – excellent, bring it on.”

The fans would definitely agree here and are probably ready to watch Monica being a freak for cleanliness and neatness for maybe 25th time! No, we are not exaggerating!

The episodes are predictable and this nature of the show relieves the mind leading to less anxiety. He said, “Yes, it is soothing to see the same outcome every time and know you can depend on it. This is at the heart of human development.”

We guess this information is enough for us to switch on the TV and put on “Friends”. For those who needed an excuse to watch it again tonight have one now!

Go ahead, laugh at those jokes and feel refreshed after a hectic day at work!